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Fact Forward Academy is a nationally recognized leader in reproductive health training for individuals and organizations.

“As a prevention educator, Fact Forward has given me numerous strategies to engage my different audiences.”

“I plan to use this information to be more approachable and to be able to meet the teen where they are.”


Becoming an "Ask"able Adult: Talking with Teens about Tough Topics

Talking to teens about sex can be awkward. We can help with unexpected, unbiased advice that will do more than just enhance your communication skills. We’ll actually show you how to verbally guide young people toward making good decisions for themselves. Learn the techniques that will have the biggest impact and how to discuss sensitive information in an appropriate way.


Learning Outcomes

By becoming an Askable Adult, you will gain essential tools to support youth in making healthy decisions about relationships, love and sex. This training can be customized based on the ages of young people you’re addressing or the context in which you’re communicating with them.

  • Gain confidence in your ability to answer sensitive questions and build rapport.
  • Understand how your experiences as a child affect how you relate to youth.
  • Identify stages of adolescent development.
  • Learn how to speak in a way that’s inclusive.
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Fact Forward Academy has an active training schedule. These half-day to full day sessions empower attendees with meaningful subject matter knowledge which they can apply in their workplace and daily lives. Find a workshop time that works for you.

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We can provide training on-demand at your location with a minimum of 10 participants. Need a training for a group bigger than 10? Fill out this form and we’ll be in touch to create your custimed training session.

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Related WORKSHOPS: Fact Forward Academy offers educational programming on a variety of topics that empower you or your group to help young people make safer, healthier choices with evidenced-based training.

Unconscious Bias

Research shows that unconscious bias can be a huge hurdle for marginalized youth who need essential reproductive health services. Awareness is the first step to addressing this inequality. This interactive workshop helps educate youth-serving professionals about biases based on race, ethnicity, gender, and socio-economic status that contribute to disparities in health outcomes.

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Introduction to Reproductive Health

Reinforce the basics and be more confident in your work as a youth-serving professional. This class covers the core concepts of adolescent reproductive health. You’ll learn about reproductive anatomy and physiology, adolescent growth and development, HIV/STIs, and contraceptive technology. You’ll also learn how to teach comprehensive sexuality education that meet the standards set forth by the Comprehensive Health Education Act (CHEA).

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Reproductive Health Literacy is a Life Skill.

“As a first-time program coordinator and sole facilitator for sex education programming, I had an awesome experience at the training learning how to give teens the information, skills, and confidence they need to reduce their risk of HIV.”

-Morgan Poole, MPH, Public Health Educator, Burlington, NC